Thursday, May 10, 2007

One Laptop Per Child

For me as an educator and someone who has noticed computers can change the way people learn, One Laptop Per Child is a very interesting project. Remember it's not so much about laptips as it is about educating children, our future.

Watch a 7 minute video about it here:

If you would like more details, there's a wiki too.


What do you think of the idea of $100 laptops?

How will the children learn how to use the laptops?

Who will pay for all the world’s poor children to have their own laptops?

How do you think the laptops will change the lives of the children?

Why do you think these computers are not being sold in stores?

What other, similar ideas could help poor children?

Do you think these computers should also be given to poor children in the developed world?

More Qs:

Do you think computers are overpriced?
Why do you think laptops in stores are $1,000 or more? Would you buy a $100 laptop from Mr. Negroponte? What other expensive products do you think can be produced for $100?
Is your computer a personal learning tool or a mailing tool?

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