Saturday, May 5, 2007

Word Association

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I agree with the person who said "it is a fascinating exercise on two levels: 1) how you will answer and 2) how others have answered."

It claims to have as many words in its database as an average adult has in his/her vocabulary. May be true since I typed "rambunctious" into the search box and got a few good associations. Can you guess them?? Answers here.

Here are a few ideas of how you could use this site for a language workout.

TASK: Using this link, try playing this word association game, preferably with someone else. Quickly type in the first word that comes to your mind that you can justify somehow (can say what the connection is; there may be a strong collocation or a compound noun or some association on some deeper level...whatever...).
Save the associations you each have made and then go thru them and explain the less obvious ones.
What do you learn about your partner?????Yourself????

Another idea: Try very hard to think like a native speaker and make a point of trying to guess the most common associations other people have had for a particular word. Try it with "cork" for example. Check your answer here.

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