Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movies Movies Movies

IMDB rules!

I love this site because it very rarely lets me down when I am looking for information about movies and/or TV shows. In addition to a reliable rating system (ten stars max), trailers, and basic info like plot summary and director and actors, there are links to dozens of reviews (in German too usually), discussion boards, user comments, trivia, memorable quotes, etc etc

TASK: Register and you can easily make a list of all the movies you own, you have seen, or would like to see. You can then share this list with other people and find out who has the same tastes or who could recommend or lend you a certain title.

Register today! It's very easy to then make your list, even if you own hundreds of videos and DVDs like I do.

I will be posting a link to My Movies soon! You should do the same!

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