Friday, July 13, 2007

Working with Americans

This is a 9 page summary and review of a book about Americans at work that I think reveals a lot about the culture of the States. I will probably be dealing with this text in SUK3.

Key Concepts

Because American culture reveals itself in the
business environment, it is essential to learn
how this shared cultural background actually
influences business behavior.

1. In America, one can do anything.
2. The attitude towards non-American ways of
doing business is generally intolerant.
3. Americans simply believe that creating
relationships will wait.
4. Effective bosses vary their style depending on
the situation.
5. The American culture is above all individualistic.
6. A business relationship, no matter its genesis, is
not immediately a social friendship.
7. Americans are famous for their emphasis on
schedules, time, and tasks rather than people.
8. If it’s new, it’s great.
Top Ten Tips

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