Friday, July 6, 2007

Wrod Smbrelacr

Tee'rhs an eaiml t'tahs been fiaoltng aonurd for a wilhe, wehre the wrods are smerclabd. As lnog as you dn'ot thnik aubot the wdors as yor'ue raeindg tehm, you can raed it jsut fnie. The trcik is, the fsrit and lsat lterets saty the smae, and olny the iennr leertts get srlcmbaed. Yuor bairn rades iviadudnil wdors, not letrtes.

If you wnat to ermeenixpt wtih tihs pnomhoenen a bit and are loiokng for a wrod sebcrlmar tool taht wlil elbane you to coervnt any txet you ptsae in itno a slmecbrad yet rbdaaele txet, tehn use tihs tool.

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