Saturday, August 4, 2007


I hesitate to add this link because it is in German and the more German you read, the less English you read. Logical, isn't it?

But the blog is written by an American guy named Scot W. Stevenson who lives in Germany with a woman he refers to as "die Germanin". And Scot really writes well about the place where I used to live, the US of A. I have learned a lot myself about the place. Funny how your cultural vision improves when you leave home...

Scot explains things that happen in America very well in my opinion and has made it very easy to get the information you need quickly by creating an index here, which lists his articles by topic.

TASK: Browse the titles of his articles and to give yourself a little English practice, try to sum up Scot's main points about the States IN ENGLISH! DO NOT translate his words literally but try to capture the essence of what he is saying in what for you will be a foreign language. Can you do it as well as Scot can write in German? Good for you!

If you want to learn more about this fascinating country in a language you probably understand better than English than this is the right blog! Culture first!

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