Monday, November 5, 2007

Go ahead. Go to and type in a word.
You not only get a definition and a few synonyms, but much much more.

See also

Go to and paste in the list of words you want to work with.
Choosing as the dictionary to link these words to, I discovered a wealth of very interesting information about these seemingly simple words, in addition to

* a definition
* hear it pronounced by a native speaker (in American English!)
* synonyms (from a thesaurus)
* antonyms
* wikipedia
* American Sign Language or other video

and, info that's really useful for serious advanced language learners like you:

So go ahead and try it out!

Just look to your right and you can see that I have added to this blog. Now you can just double-click any word that you are not sure of and you'll get some answers!!
You can download AnswerTips to your own computer and get answers in any application you are working in. How useful is that?

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