Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

This seems to be a very popular show and it is even being shown in English on Austrian TV (will wonders never cease!)

Many students claim to be doing something good for their English by plopping themselves down in front of the TV and sitting there passively "improving" their English.

But that's about as effective as sleeping with a dictionary under your pillow to improve your vocabulary.

Here's what I suggest as a way to take a slightly more active approach.

1. Read the script beforehand (or afterwards if you prefer to be surprised...)

2. If you are having trouble with the vocabulary you can put the URL of the page with the script into http://www.voycabulary.com/
and select the leo dictionary for German translations of if you prefer to have the words explained in English I suggest you select answers.com. Click "Proceed" and then every single word in the script will be linked to the dictionary you have chosen. Saves a lot of time.

3. Make a note of any new words and phrases you think are useful (and take a sip of beer every time your favorite character say them!?) No, seriously, try to use some of these words and phrases the very same day or week and soon you will have actually learned something by "merely" watching the boob tube!

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