Thursday, February 7, 2008

How are Southerners different from other Americans?

How are Southerners different from other Americans?
Read a chapter from a book from a book called "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South" by Clint Johnson.

The Biggest Myths About The South

The South is unsophisticated compared to the North and West Coast. The truth is Southerners invented musical forms like rock and roll, jazz, blues and bluegrass. We created the motion picture industry. The first women’s colleges and the oldest public universities were all started here.

The South is “rural redneck.” The nation’s largest banks and the world’s largest corporation are based here. The first successful black politicians on the national stage were Southerners. The first two Jewish U.S. Senators were Southerners. The most popular destination for people of all races to move to is The South and away from The North.

Southerners supported slavery while Northerners hated it. No Southern alive today disputes that slavery was morally wrong, but the fact remains that all Northern states once had slaves, and virtually all of the slave ships were owned by Yankees. Profits from the slave trade stayed in the North.

Southerners tried to break up the Union. It was New England which invented the idea of secession; first in objection to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 doubling the nation’s land area, and then in 1814 when New England wanted to trade with enemy England during the War of 1812.

The War For Southern Independence was about “slavery.” While the South foolishly defended slavery in early 1860s rhetoric, The War was really fought over power and money. If Northerners had a moral objection to slavery in the 19th century, why did they finance the slave trade in the 18th century?

The Confederate battle flag symbolizes slavery. The battle flag, designed to resemble the cross favored by Jesus’ disciple St. Andrew, as well as the ancient flag of Scotland, did not fly over any slave ships. It flew over the Confederate ancestors of at least 30 million Southerners who fought, bled, and died defending their homes from invading Union armies.

The Confederate flag is used by the Klan. The largest march ever staged by the Klan was in 1925 Washington, D.C. Thousands of American flags were carried, but not a single Confederate flag. The Klan, when it does march, still carries the U.S. flag.

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