Monday, November 10, 2008

Toytown Germany

Toytown is an interesting website for people who like to walk the line between German and English. It is primarily in English, and the quality of the English is very high, so it is useful for native speakers of German who are learning English. Austria is a bit too small for such a site I guess.

But in Germany there is apparently a rather large community of close to 10,000 people from English-speaking countries who are living/working there and have formed a community. The forum appears to be lively and I have found several interesting things to read there, many cross-cultural comparisons, or discussions of "untranslatables", for example.

They have links to German publications that also publish an English version such as der Spiegel, die Welt, and one that is new to me called The Local. You could find the original German text and start a parallel text collection...

Here's the link again

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