Monday, January 5, 2009


This is a classic sketch on a fascinating topic -- punctuation.

Victor Borge is such a genius that I'm sure you'll like it.

Below is the transcript, which you will not be able to understand unless you watch the video, so watch it here!

Part one:
Phonetic punctuation
I invented it many years ago, when I first noticed that people who speak together often fail to understand each other clearly. When we read all right we use punctuation marks, in order to underline the meaning of our sentences. But we do not use them when we speak, so why not integrate punctuation marks in our speech, then we can underline what we intend to convey to each other verbally.

Part 2:
A period will sound like this.
A dash.
An exclamation point is a vertical dash with a period underneath.
A comma.
Or two commas.
Or if you happen to be left handed.
Question mark is a little difficult.
Finally the colon, two little dots, you can put them over each other, you can put them under each other, or you can put them wherever you want to put them.
I have a story right here in the beginning of the book. I shall find it. It is marked, so I cant miss it.

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