Thursday, January 7, 2010

What does "kindergarten" mean? German words used in the English
This is a dictionary of some German words used in English (Germanisms), each with a literal or German meaning, English definition and actual sample sentence(s) from literature and the Internet.

A simple list can be found at

Remember, it's a little tricky because just because a word has been borrowed into in another language does not mean it has to have the same meaning. The word KINDERGARTEN is a good example. Let me quote from the dictionary above:

A kindergarten in German-speaking countries would actually be the equivalent of a PRESCHOOL in the U.S.
A U.S. kindergarten would be VORSCHULE in German.

And when you look up the word KINDERGARTEN in a good monolingual learners' dictionary like LDOCEONLINE you will learn the following:

kin‧der‧gar‧ten [See pronunciation table in "How to use dictionary" pages] [uncountable and countable]
1 (American English) a school or class for children aged five
2 (British English) a school for children aged two to five [= nursery school]

So as you see things are often not what they seem!

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