Sunday, March 10, 2013

Food for Thought Crossword

Food for Thought Crossword Puzzle

Do you like crossword puzzles as much as I do?
I doubt it! :)
Print it out and give it a try!
For more such puzzles, visit (requires Java)
These are much easier than the ones made for students at the New York Times.
Let me know if you get stuck!

As you can see, there are quite a few food-related puzzles, so make a snack and atart solving :) ! 
Airport: At the Airport
Animals: A World of Animals
Cars: Cars and Car Parts
Computer: Computer Terms
Dairy: Down at the Dairy
Entertainment: Words are Entertaining
Factory: Working at the Factory
Food: Food for Thought
Flowers: The Flower Show
Fruit: Fruit Salad
Garden: Working in the Garden
Geography: Know Your Geography
Home: Home Sweet Home
Jobs: A Job Well Done
Office: Around the Office
Personal Hygiene: Good Personal Hygiene
Plants: A Whole Crop of Plants
Preparing Food: Preparing Food
School: School's in Session
Science: Science Experiment
Seafood: Under the Sea
Space: Outer Space
Sports: Sports Fan
Tools: Tools of the Trade
Transportation: Transportation Terms
Trees: Swinging from the Trees
Utility Room: The Useful Utility Room
Vegetable: Garden Vegetables
Weather: Wild Weather

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