Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to Invent a Language

If you're sick of trying to learn English, then why not invent your own damn language.

Good luck trying to get other people to speak it!

Seriously, this is a topic that interests the linguist in me.

And I also found WikiHow, a wiki that has lots of HOW TO information
Great potential for us to share what we know about how the world works.

Actually, that's exactly what sites like videojug, for example, state as their mission:
VideoJug ( is every aspect of life explained and illustrated through an ever-growing number of straight-forward, informative, helpful and (often) entertaining videos. It’s like having an army of top-class experts at your fingertips 24/7 to “show you how” and to help you out. And you can contribute your own knowledge, experience, wisdom and tips too - we’re aiming to create a place that people come to share - as well as find - knowledge.

Videojug is great practice for listening comprehension!

TASK: Turn this HOW-TO business into a language learning task by writing or talking about what you think of the advice given or what alternatives you can think of, perhaps even improving the method given.

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