Tuesday, October 9, 2007


For me, and many other people around the world, this is the best newspaper in the world.

The good news is that recently the good people at the NYTimes website have made their entire archives (back to 1981!)freely accessible.

This is an incredible resource for everyone who appreciates good writing.

A little anecdote: I was cleaning my office today and came across an interesting newspaper clipping I had saved and written a few RC Qs about.
It was about a speech therapist in NYC who helps people get rid of their accent or acquire a new accent (like actors often have to do. He has an unusual name, Chwat, so I thought what the hell...I'll go ahead and see if I can find the article and then I'd be able to use it in a class for RC practice. Sure enough, in less than 2 seconds I had found and printed out the entire article, which, even though it was written back in 1993, is still of interest for language students.

The website is huge, but well-organized and has a lot to offer language learners.

Have a look, for example at the Learning Network.

Or for some good conversation topics, try News Snapshot.

or improve your Vocab AND Culture by doing a Crossword Puzzle.

There is much much more interesting stuff to do and read and even videos to watch and entire First Chapters of the latest bestsellers to read...

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